We design all HVAC systems and provide Duct work layout drawings as required. We optimize designs and produce alternative, more cost and energy efficient designs. You Dream it We Manufacture it and Supply. 

We supply all types of extraction fans, silencers and evaporative coolers for domestic and industrial application.

We design and manufacture all types of round and rectangular ducting as per customer requirements. 

We design and manufacture stainless steel and galvanized kitchen canopies and related accessories.

We supply a wide range of grilles, weather louvres, registers and diffusers with customization 

We design and Manufacture Standard sizes for Stainless and galvanized Baffle filters for kitchen Canopies.

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We design and manufacture all standard sizes for whirlybirds and flashings.

Steel Products: formed, shaped, drawn, extruded, forged, cast, fabricated or otherwise similarly processed, or processed by a combination of two or more or such operations, from steel made by the open heath, basic oxygen, electric furnace, or other steel making process.

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We believe in pollution reduction through recycling and effective waste management. All our off-cut pieces are taken back into the production line to produce a wide variety of domestic and industrial “go green products”. These include buckets, watering canes, dog feeders, cooler boxes, cake trays and many more. You dream it, We manufacture it!!